Why we support International Men’s Day



19th November marks International Men’s Day. This is to be celebrated not only as it makes those keyboard warriors who whine, ‘but what about men’s day’ every time Women’s Day rolls around look like fools, but also because it has genuine and good motivations and raises important issues.

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President Donald Trump

It was with a heavy heart that we woke to learn the results of the election. As a non-partisan charity, Little Paper Slipper does not usually like to indicate or suggest a political preference and prefers to remain impartial.

However, as an organisation which strives to fight for women’s rights and gender equality, we are devastated. It speaks volumes about the world we live in where a man who has openly bragged about assaulting women with unsolicited advances can even be considered to hold the most powerful job title in the world, let alone win the thing.  That he wrote off the recordings as ‘locker room talk’, and – more disturbingly – that the world shrugged it off with him. The same man who expressed that women who have abortions should face legal punishment, but not the man of course, because as we know women are self-impregnating harlots who look up with lustful sin filled holes for eyes to their shining male overlords.

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Little Paper Slipper Chapter II Exhibition – the What, Where, How, When and Why!

The Little Paper Slipper Chapter II Exhibition – our 2nd biennial show – begins on the 23rd September 2016 with an opening reception taking place 7pm until 9pm at Islington Arts Factory. The reception is open to everyone, so please spread the word and bring your friends, family, other halves and your mate’s mate you met at the pub that one time. Following the opening night, the exhibition runs from the 24th to 30th September from 11am to 5pm with free entry.

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We’re off to Farmfest!

In just under a week, we’ll be off to a field in Somerset to join Farmfestival as one of their charity partnerFARMFEST_SIGN_1000s.

We’re hoping to soak up some sun and enjoy the carnival theme as we show off our Little Paper Slipper House, a small house installation that includes an LPS gallery and tea shop!

Gilcombe Farm will be our home over the weekend and we couldn’t be more excited. LPS Director, Marie-Louise Jones says: “We’re thrilled that Farmfestival has chosen us as one of their small charities to support this year and are really excited to be taking the Little Paper Slipper House to the festival.

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The UK Has Gained a Female PM, But Getting There Has Only Highlighted How Far We Have to Go

On Wednesday Theresa May became the United Kingdom’s 76th prime minister, and only the 2nd woman to hold the title since Margaret Thatcher left office in 1990. And whilst it may have been 26 years since the Iron Lady was in power, it became unfortunately apparent early on that attitudes towards women in positions of political power haven’t quite yet caught up in time. In those 26 years those attitudes should have matured into strong open-minded adults who take pleasure from reading a good book and having an interesting discussion at the pub. Yet, somehow, it seems as though they never quite got past the sulky phase where they do have a working brain, but would rather play video-games and pull someone’s chair out from behind them for a laugh.

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From makeup to uniform: experiences of sexism at work

Erin Sandilands, an eighteen year old from Ayrshire, is one of the many women to have been told how they should look by someone, but she is one of the few who challenged it.

If it isn’t women’s magazines, social media and ad campaigns, then unfortunately, it’s those around us and in some cases, people that we work with or for.

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