Embarking on Chapter III

We can’t believe it’s already been nine months since our Chapter II exhibition took place at Islington Arts Factory. Since then we have been busy preparing for the next step of our journey and are delighted to announce that Chapter III of our workshops have begun!

Over the next chapter we are hoping to work with a further 50 survivors of domestic abuse living in women’s refuges. The workshops are taking place across the UK and we are pleased to announce that for the first time this will include refuges in Scotland and Wales.

The purpose of the workshops is to give a creative voice to women affected by domestic abuse and make that voice heard. Firstly, the workshops exist to put the power and voice back in the hands of survivors, as something that is so often restricted or taken by domestic abuse. They are also a place that are intended for the women to enjoy themselves, connect with each other and simply have fun.

The slippers will become part of the Chapter III exhibition – our third biennial exhibition due to take place in Autumn 2018 – where they will join the 112 other slippers created in Chapter I and II.

One of our first Chapter III workshop participants expressed that she was proud to have made something so beautiful when at first she thought she could not do it. She is an amazing example of the wonderful, strong and resilient women we work with and admire. We think her slipper [pictured below] is truly stunning.


For more information on our work check out our website and follow our social media for the latest on what we’re upto:





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