Little Paper Slipper Chapter II Exhibition – the What, Where, How, When and Why!

The Little Paper Slipper Chapter II Exhibition – our 2nd biennial show – begins on the 23rd September 2016 with an opening reception taking place 7pm until 9pm at Islington Arts Factory. The reception is open to everyone, so please spread the word and bring your friends, family, other halves and your mate’s mate you met at the pub that one time. Following the opening night, the exhibition runs from the 24th to 30th September from 11am to 5pm with free entry.

So, what exactly is the show about?

We are a small charity based in Hackney who run workshops with survivors of domestic abuse within women’s refuges. The workshops involve making and customising a papier mache ‘little paper slipper’, which are displayed in biennial exhibitions.

Little Paper Slipper Chapter I Exhibition (2014)


The purpose of the workshops are two-fold – the first being the workshops themselves, which aim to provide an empowering and therapeutic experience for the participants. Holding the workshops within the refuges enables the women to participate in a safe and comfortable environment during which they deconstruct notions of power – a participant from one workshop commented that “[the workshop] made me feel good about myself and powerful, you made me smile and feel normal”.

The second purpose is the exhibitions, which serve to raise awareness about domestic abuse. By presenting a direct voice of women affected by domestic abuse, the slippers hope to go beyond facts and figures and speak to people on a personal and emotional level.

And what will the opening night entail?

Well, besides being the first chance to see the display of 112 paper slippers from the workshops, the night will include a special performance from poet Sooz Belnavis and improvised, ambient violin and voice loops from Tim Vincent-Smith (Sink). Think it sounds amazing but worried about your rumbly tummy? Fear not, refreshments will be available! We’ll be serving sushi as well as a specially made cake from Ottolenghi’s Upper Street restaurant.

Where is it taking place?

Islington Arts Factory – the closest tube stations are Holloway Road and Caledonian Road, or it’s a 25 minute walk from Highbury & Islington station (or a 13 minute Uber for those feeling lazy!)


How do I attend?

Just turn up on the night! If you’d like to have the details to hand you can click attending on our FB event here.

We hope to see you there!


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