We’re Taking Part at Feminist Solidarity Fest and it Looks Amazing!


On the 4th September, Fourth Wave: London Feminist Activists are holding their 2nd Feminist Solidarity Fest at Hackney Downs, and we’re incredible excited to be having a stall there!

The free festival aims to promote solidarity between feminists from all walks of life and educate those who might want to learn more about gender equality.  Little Paper Slipper will be there to raise awareness of the work we do, including prints of the exhibition, a sample ‘little paper slipper’, free postcards, and a competition to win Little Paper Slipper merchandise. Plus, a chance for people to meet some of the faces behind the project!

The event is jam-packed with exciting workshops, performances and speakers, making it difficult to pick just a few, but here are some of our personal favourites we can’t wait to check out:


  • Mandu Reid – The Cup Effect – The Cup Effect is an NGO and social enterprise that promotes environmental sustainability, and supports the empowerment of women and girls across the world by informing them about the benefits of menstrual cups and making them more widely available – especially in low-income communities
  • Women’s Equality Party leader Sophie Walker – we followed Sophie’s candidacy in the London mayoral election (check out our blog here!), and are seriously impressed at the speed the WEP has taken off at since its inception in the Spring of 2015


  • The Survivor’s Collective – Action Against Sexual Abuse –the Survivor’s Collective allows survivors of childhood sexual abuse to come together to join forces in activism, social gatherings, and creative projects.
  • Great Men – Engaging Men & Boys: Disrupting Gender Stereotypes – Great Men Value Women is a project from gender equality charity The GREAT Initiative, which aims to challenge stereotypes of masculinity and engage men and boys in the movement towards gender equality. If we didn’t love the concept already enough on its own, Little Paper Slipper’s secretary Joe is part of the project!


  • Bridget Minamore – Bridget is a writer from and based in South-East London, who is part of the team behind Brainchild Festival and works with My Body Back – a project to empower women who have experienced sexual violence.
  • Argonaut, who describe themselves as ‘purveyors of the fiery female fronted alternative punk rock’. They’ve recently released their second album and we’re all ears.

This is only a fraction of the exciting line-up taking part at the event – for more information check out https://femsolidarityfest.wordpress.com/ and we hope to see you there!


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