We’re off to Farmfest!

In just under a week, we’ll be off to a field in Somerset to join Farmfestival as one of their charity partnerFARMFEST_SIGN_1000s.

We’re hoping to soak up some sun and enjoy the carnival theme as we show off our Little Paper Slipper House, a small house installation that includes an LPS gallery and tea shop!

Gilcombe Farm will be our home over the weekend and we couldn’t be more excited. LPS Director, Marie-Louise Jones says: “We’re thrilled that Farmfestival has chosen us as one of their small charities to support this year and are really excited to be taking the Little Paper Slipper House to the festival.

“It’s the first time we’ve done such a thing and the house is looking great – it’s really in keeping with our aesthetic and inside there will be a small gallery exhibiting prints of LPS artworks so people can wander in, drink some herbal tea and learn all about the project.”

Farmfest was founded by a group of friends in 2006 and began life as a small, unique festival offering entertainment at an affordable price whilst supporting a wide range of charities. Ten years on, the festival has stuck to its ethos and remained small and affordable whilst continuing to back charities. This year’s partnership with LPS will be its first with a charity committed to raising awareness of domestic abuse.

Joe Duhig, one of the Directors of the festival, thinks that now is the best time for LPS to be involved with Farmfest on the back of our incredibly successful slipper auction.

“I’m very excited to have LPS with us at Farmfest this year. The festival has traditionally supported one main charity partner, but this year we have chosen three smaller organisations to work with and I’m personally very proud that the festival has chosen LPS as one of those.

farmfest1.png“For LPS too, with their recent funding news I think it will be a great opportunity to help build on that and spread the work of the charity to a new and wider audience that perhaps wouldn’t necessarily have been aware of, or come into contact with it, otherwise.

“I’m also very excited because it will mean that Marie-Louise, who is a brilliant artist in her own right, will be bringing along a creation of her own to place in the field! And that is an absolute bonus for any festival.”

As well as hosting our Little Paper Slipper House, Farmfest will see performances from the likes of Gilles Peterson, San Proper and Errors.

Joe says: “The things I’m most looking forward to at the festival (aside from making time to go and hangout with the Slipperettes) are music-wise, Young Fathers, who are explosive when they perform live, I can’t wait to see the crowd jump to them on Friday night.

“There’s loads going on away from the music this year, amazing comedy, spoken word, creative workshops, talks and activities happening across the weekend,  I’d love to be able to immerse myself in that side of the festival for a bit.”

We’d love to see you at Farmfest, so if you’re going keep an eye out for our Little Paper Slipper House. For more information about the festival and where to buy tickets, click here.

By Jen McGee


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