The Little Paper Slipper’s Radio Debut


We were recently invited down to the Shoreditch Radio studio in Hackney, the same neck of the woods where life for The Little Paper Slipper began, to talk to presenter Liam Davis on his Sunday show.

It was a radio first for charity Director Marie-Louise Jones, but listening back you’d never know! There we talked about how the charity was established and what we do to empower and support women in a creative way.

Marie-Louise explained what happens in the workshops that she leads in women’s refuges, highlighting the importance of making the paper slippers and the therapeutic effect that creating them can have.

We also spoke to Liam about the difficulty of finding funding to continue our work, the stigma around reporting domestic abuse and the exciting Chapter II launch that we have coming up.

“The workshops have a really meaningful impact on those who take part, all of the women really love making the shoes. It feels good to explain what they’re feeling inside and they don’t really get to do that.”

Did you miss our interview? Listen again here and follow Shoreditch Radio on Twitter.


Little Paper Slipper Founder Marie-Louise Jones in studio with Shoreditch Radio’s Liam Davis



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