Little Paper Slipper Chapter II Launch Party: introducing the artists part 3 (ft. John Claridge, Julia Maddison and Lauren Baker)



Famed East End sixties photographer John Claridge’s “life-long passion for photography was born when he spotted a plastic camera at a local funfair”. Leaving school at the age of 15, Claridge went on to get a job at in the photography department at McCann-Erickson during which time he had his first one-man show.  By the age of 19 he opened his own studio, and by 23 he had written, shot and produced a short film, ‘Five Soldiers’. His career has spanned a number of areas, with his work in advertising having taken him around the world, whilst between 1982 and 2003 he has also published five books.

Described by his website as “a man of the world, whose influence will be transmitted to future generations of photographers”, his works are held in museums and private collections including The Arts Council of Great Britain, Victoria & Albert Museum, National Portrait Gallery and the Museum of Modern Art, and he has been presented over 700 awards for his work.

His upcoming exhibition with limited edition prints from his book ‘East End’ opens 1st June at Vout-O-Reenee’s.

Photograph of his neighbours in 1968, featured in ‘East End’





Julia Maddison is a London based artist, whose practice revolves around misremembered (or intentionally altered) personal histories. Collecting, altering and subverting the flotsam of poorly recorded lives, she creates new, faintly unsettling narratives. She has exhibited widely including a solo show in Germany this year based on Maeve Brennan’s novella, The Visitor, and curated last year’s I am ready for you, darling which involved 5 artists exploring sex, loss and memory in a disused shop and derelict flat in Kings Cross.

Julian Firth describes her work as “so elegantly explicit”, with “images that may sit or stand or lie in plain sight, but pierce the skin and twist the root just where purity and sin bargain for sanity”

She is currently working on an interactive performance/dating game for this years’s Art Car Boot Fair; The (g)love compartment.




credit yulia tsezar
Lauren Baker

Lauren Baker is a British contemporary multidisciplinary artist, whose work explores ‘the fragility of life, energy-fields, the after-life and other dimensions. She has created installations at The V&A (2015), Tate Britain (2014), Tate Modern (2013) and directed the windows of Selfridges (2013), and her sculptural work was recently exhibited at The Museum of Modern Art, Rio, Brazil (2016).

Baker is renowned for her work using reflective material, including the world’s first infinity mirror coffin at Tate Britain, a 7-ft mirrored geometric ‘Portal to another dimension’ commissioned by Clerkenwell Design Week, and 100 mirror eyes attached to 50ft trees in a forest at Unknown Festival, Croatia. Her most intricate work is a Steinway grand piano encrusted with half a million crystals (Feb 15).

Baker is passionate about animals and conservation, and is an ambassador for Save Wild Tigers, with her sculpted life-size tiger head encrusted with 52,000 crystals ‘The Crystal Tigress’ raising £30,000 at the tiger conservation charity auction.




by Lizzie Scourfield


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